Serving others through remarkable experiences and exceptional hospitality is a unique gift. Colorado is a place of both, which makes the competition here full of contenders. That is why these finalists are all outstanding and deserving of recognition.

Crafted Concepts

Jen Jasinski has been a fixture for years in the Colorado restaurant scene. This fall, she put the spotlight on food waste. According to global estimates, one-third of all food gets thrown away, a gross injustice considering that one billion people live in hunger.

Much of it is tossed out before it ever hits a plate, with produce left unharvested, cast aside for cosmetic reasons or discarded thanks to overly conservative use-by dates. Jen and her team collected their own food “waste” coupled with 1,400 pounds gleaned from Grant Farms and Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms, and another 1,700 collected by We Don’t Waste to make a difference in the lives of thousands of hungry Coloradans.

Footers Catering - WINNER

Footers Catering is a second generation business, with a large focus on company culture and creating a great place to work. Footers recently got a chance to show their ability to be a champion in industry through a two-day sales conference event that caters to more than 2,200 guests from all over the world.

The client was impressed with not only Footers ability to cater to such a large venue, but to do it with gusto and a most untoppable performance.

Check out the Connect & Collaborate interview here.

Westin Denver International Airport

Westin focuses their efforts on widespread community engagement and support. They renewed their commitment to Move with Purpose earlier this year. They have made a significant investment on workforce readiness which is important to business. They have excelled at community giving and employee volunteering for years and have been active on social rights.