Serving others through health & wellness is an important calling. One that helps save and improve lives every day. It's a challenging mission and one that always deserves more thanks and recognition. It takes of lot of people to meet the needs of today's healthcare environment. Many organizations do a lot fo good, which is why these nominees deserve an extra amount of recognition for their work and achievements.


While DaVita’s giving has been widely documented, it is sometimes the quieter, below radar activities that have a bigger impact.

DaVita prides itself, not only on their village spirit, but of championing some of the important causes in Colorado politics. CEO Kent Thiry has led some incredible initiatives, including Let Colorado Vote, Raise the Bar, and Amendments Y and Z. DaVita has been a champion for all, not just the healthcare industry.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser has become an advocate on healthy lifestyles. The Thrive campaign has been a cornerstone in championing a way of thinking, living, and managing your life. Kaiser educates patients and communities about healthy choices and positive decisions and how it can impact your life.

United Health Group - WINNER

UnitedHealth Group works actively in Colorado on the legislative front. The goal is to create a state-based public and private coverage platform that increases flexibility, modern capabilities, access and use of data technology. As an insurance provider, UHG knows weakness in the current system and ways to strengthen our health coverage for all Coloradans.