About Us

The mission of Citizens for Space Exploration is to promote awareness of the benefits of America's Human Space Exploration Program and support for NASA.

Citizens is a multi-state organization comprised of U.S. taxpayers who support America's investment in human space exploration. We are private citizens, small business owners, students, teachers, space and non-space business representatives, and county and municipal officials.

Representatives from Citizens for Space Exploration travel to Washington, D.C., annually to meet with members and staff to discuss the benefits of human space exploration. These benefits include:

  • Improving the overall quality of life for our citizens and the world in areas such as medical research and healthcare.

  • Advancing America's scientific, technological, security and economic interests.

  • Inspiring a new generation of explorers to pursue technical careers based on science, math, computers and engineering.

  • Promoting U.S. leadership and competitiveness while providing opportunities for international cooperation.