The modern world is full of engineering marvels that make the world go round by facilitating the future. Both design and construction are massive endeavors that require a lot of capital resources and - more importantly - the human talent to bring them to life. By going above and beyond in their fields, these nominees are moving the world forward.

Jacobs Engineering

Two areas where Jacobs shines is diversity and inclusion and sustainability. Jacobs values diversity and inclusion through energizing their employees and encouraging creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Jacobs believes seeing ideas from several unique points of view often results in better decisions and solutions. Jacobs is an industry leader in sustainability, as they realize the more they can be good stewards of the land and resources, the better off we’ll all be in the future.

Merrick - WINNER

Merrick is a leading Colorado engineering company, and a champion for their personnel.

They allow their employees to better themselves within the company, from training to education to volunteer and leadership opportunities. Merrick stands behind their workforce through championing participation, contributions, and ideas.