Colorado and the entire United States owes its abundance to the families and organizations serving through the growing, processing, marketing, and coordination of farming & agricultural activitIes. It's often easy for most citizens to take the modern miracle of where food comes from for granted. Every farmer, entrepreneur, and employee deserve thanks for their contributions, though these finalist nominees stand out for their service.

Colorado Cattlemen’s Association - WINNER

Colorado Cattlemen’s Association is dedicated to serve as the principle voice and advocate for Colorado beef production. They pride themselves on advancing the legacy and viability of beef production for their members through ensuring a dynamic profitable industry that promotes growth and opportunity for future generations.

Colorado Department of Agriculture

The Colorado Department of Agriculture promotes the Colorado agriculture industry to be strong and vibrant, a key driver of the state’s economy, and recognized worldwide for its safe and abundant supply of high-quality food and agriculture products.

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union is a grassroots organization dedicated to sustaining rural communities, to wise stewardship and use of natural resources, and protection of safe, secure food supply. RMFU supports its goals through education and legislation, as well as by encouraging the cooperative model for mutual economic benefit.