Energy enables the creation of near limitless opportunity. In a world of increasing demands and uncertainties, Colorado’s energy industry is a national leader - working to meet the highest environmental standards to protect Colorado while efficiently producing the power that improves lives.

Colorado Petroleum Council

The Colorado Petroleum Council, the Colorado chapter of the American Petroleum Institute, has assumed a leading role in the formulation of public policy that benefits the natural gas and oil industry while promoting environmental stewardship. The Colorado Petroleum Council has led the effort to make Colorado’s energy and environmental partnership the envy of the nation.

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University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR, managed by UCAR) developed cutting-edge computer models and advanced statistical and artificial intelligence technologies to generate wind and solar energy forecasts for Xcel Energy.

NCAR’s partnership with Xcel Energy has substantially helped to change the energy mix that serves more than two-thirds of electric customers in Colorado, allowing the company to incorporate renewable sources.

Vital for Colorado - WINNER

Vital for Colorado set up the Bighorn Leadership Program - Colorado’s Energy future. This cutting edge program allows for a diverse group of Colorado leaders to learn and explore the challenges of energy development and sustainability. The ideas is to have a greater understanding and make better policy decisions around responsible energy development in Colorado.