Policy Priorities

COBRT Policy Priorities

The Colorado Business Roundtable (COBRT) incorporates four pillars for which we stand on. These pillars form the foundation which supports our goals for a healthy free-market system and a strong, stable economy for all Coloradans. These pillars include a competitive tax and regulatory agenda; developing and attracting a robust Colorado workforce, both now and in the future; a forward-thinking, sustainable infrastructure; and purposeful leadership to improve communities for the citizenry of Colorado.

Prioritize a Competitive Tax and Regulatory Agenda

Sustainable economic growth can be maximized when we achieve a business-friendly regulatory balance and support fiscal policies that incentivize innovation, job attraction, and retention. Colorado competes for jobs nationally and globally, and we need to be mindful of how we are positioned in the wider marketplace for future residents and employers.  Important factors include: Smart Regulation, Tax Policy, Economic Growth.

Reimagine Colorado’s Workforce

Building a “tomorrow-ready” workforce requires modernizing training pipelines, embracing technology, and strengthening post-secondary education options so Colorado’s youth and working adults can secure fulfilling jobs and sustainable career pathways.

Important areas include: Education Continuum, Workforce Preparation/Exposure, Skills-Based Jobs, Immigration.

Invest in a Future-Forward Infrastructure

A future-forward infrastructure system is critical to unleashing Colorado’s long-term competitive potential. Colorado must focus on issues such as mobility, energy, and broadband/5G because they are the backbone to support a strong economy, business growth, opportunity, and quality of life.  Important areas include: Transportation, Natural Resources, Technology.

Community Pillar: Lead with Purpose

Successful organizations that enhance our Colorado communities lead with purpose. They not only provide career opportunities, but they take ongoing, significant action to support people in need and improve quality of life. Their passion for philanthropic giving, community engagement and commitment to environmental and social responsibility has a profound impact on the lives of thousands of Coloradans.  Important areas include: Profits and Purpose, Affordability, Community Safety, Health and Well-Being.

Colorado Business Roundtable is a vital link to the pulse of the business community. It connects Colorado’s leaders, providing invaluable insights into economic trends, challenges, and opportunities. This connection drives innovative problem solving and the essential efforts necessary to make Colorado a robust hub for business.

Chris Schmidt, Deloitte

Throughout all my work in Colorado, a common thread is my passion for economic public policy and opportunity. When businesses flourish and produce jobs, families thrive. That’s why I’m so honored to be the President of the Colorado Business Roundtable. I’m eager to amplify our pro-business mission and tell the story that business is good.

Debbie Brown, COBRT