Faces of Business

Shaping Colorado’s Economic Future

The Colorado Business Roundtable supports four pillars as a foundation for a healthy free market system and a strong, stable economy for all Coloradans. These pillars include a competitive tax and regulatory agenda; the development and attraction of a robust Colorado workforce, both now and in the future; a forward-thinking, sustainable infrastructure; and purposeful leadership to improve communities for the citizenry of Colorado.

In the “Voices of Business” video series, Colorado thought leaders from academia, business, community, and government share their perspectives on these pillars and the challenges and opportunities we face to protect and cultivate Colorado’s economic vitality.

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Watch the

Video Series

Episode Pillar Overview:

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Episode One:

Prioritize a Competitive Tax and Regulatory Agenda

Episode Two:

Reimagine Colorado's Workforce

Episode Three:

Invest in a Future-Forward Infrastructure

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