The Colorado Business Roundtable is a public policy organization of executives from some of the state’s largest employers working to strengthen Colorado’s economic vitality. COBRT engages with elected leaders, business and nonprofit leaders, and other strategic allies to improve the business climate in our state by unapologetically amplifying the voice of business in all four corners of Colorado. Business is good, and we’re here to tell the story.

COBRT is the state affiliate of the national Business Roundtable. Based in Washington, D.C., the Business Roundtable is an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies working to promote sound public policy and a thriving U.S. economy.

It’s easy to forget that Colorado businesses aren’t buildings, they are people—business owners, employees, suppliers, investors—that make up the foundation of our economic success.  When business succeeds, people succeed, and Colorado succeeds.  This shared success, an interconnectivity, is critical to keep all four corners of Colorado economically vibrant.

The Colorado Business Roundtable works with our media partners to tell the story that business is good through podcasts, radio spotlights, news publications and television to highlight Colorado businesses, business leaders and influencers around relevant and timely business topics.

The Colorado Business Roundtable works to improve the business climate in our state by unapologetically amplifying the voice of business.

We’re here to tell your story.



Colorado Employees

2.7 Million

Employees Globally

$48 Billion

Colorado Revenue

$1.3 Trillion

Revenue Globally



Signature Events

State of the State,
View from the Top,
Future of Work


Policy Roundtables


Exclusive Partner Briefings

Colorado’s Top
Elected Officials


“Profits and Purpose” Podcasts



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The Business Roundtable Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation:

Each of our stakeholders is essential. We commit to deliver value to all of them for the future success of our companies, our communities and our country.

  • Delivering value to our customers.
  • Investing in our employees.
  • Dealing fairly and ethically with our suppliers.
  • Supporting the communities in which we work.
  • Generating long-term value for shareholders, who provide the capital that allows companies to invest, grow and innovate.

Colorado Business Roundtable is Unique:

As an affiliate of National Business Roundtable…

  • We’re mission aligned — business is a force for good.
  • We represent Colorado’s largest employers.
  • We represent a coalition of CEOs/C-suite executives from academia, business, community, and government.
  • We work on public policy issues that affect our partners in Colorado, nationally, and internationally.

The Colorado Business Roundtable connects me with other leading Colorado businesses and strategic partners so I can be more effective advancing IBM’s interests on important issues such as workforce development, K-12 education reform, business and education partnerships. COBRT hosts signature events with top national CEOs and also provides more informal collaboration with elected leaders around specific policy that help drive our business mission. The Colorado Business Roundtable promotes technical innovation and purpose, which aligns well with our important role in the community.

Ray Johnson, IBM

Our state’s long-term competitiveness and economic vitality depends on opening more pathways to good-paying careers and upward mobility for more Coloradans; COBRT’s work is critical in sparking collaboration between public and private sectors to strengthen Colorado’s education and workforce development programs.

Karla Nugent, Founder & Chief Revenue Officer -- Weifield Group