COVID-19 Pandemic: 

Challenges and Opportunities for Healthcare Response and Innovation

Colorado business leaders and healthcare professionals have stepped up to provide care through new channels, protect and support employees, leverage innovative technologies, adapt to rapid advancement of treatments and collaborate with local governments and communities.

As Colorado’s healthcare and business sectors have worked together to overcome the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Colorado policy makers should look to the advantages of private-public partnerships, innovations and best practices that surfaced during the pandemic for new opportunities to improve on what is working in our current healthcare system.

The Colorado Business Roundtable is focused on effective private sector solutions, working together with healthcare policies already in place, to expand access to quality healthcare and improve affordability for all Coloradansnot starting over with government-centric proposals like a state public option.

Physician Executives Guide a Successful Covid-19 Response in Colorado

Chief medical officers (CMOs) of seven health care systems collaborated to lead Colorado through the Covid-19 surge by harnessing the four “superpowers” of perspective, partnership, patient advocacy, and peer support.

Opinion: The public option won’t work for Colorado

When it comes to improving health care, most Coloradans want the same thing: lower costs, improved access and a higher quality of care.

Studies show a state government-run public option could threaten employer-provided coverage for millions, worsen the state budget shortfall, and hurt access to healthcare in Colorado.  

There are too many unknowns about the true costs of a state public option, and the timing is not right.

We are relying on our healthcare system now more than ever. We need policy makers to focus on strengthening and stabilizing our healthcare system so all Coloradans can access the care they need.

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