The Colorado Business Roundtable

A Message from Our President

Debbie Brown, President, Colorado Business Roundtable

Colorado has a proud history of opportunity inherent in our rich natural resources and rugged open frontiers. Entrepreneurism is as much a natural part of our spirit as the Rocky Mountains. Generations of growing family businesses and the appeal of our midwestern location as a strategic hub for new enterprises have created a thriving industrial and innovative environment for Coloradans to succeed.

This unyielding drive and shared vision of a prosperous Colorado, has united our members in the belief that business is a force for good. Today, business executives at many of our state’s most successful employers are committed to telling this story through the Colorado Business Roundtable.

We do so by connecting leaders in business, nonprofit, and academic arenas with government policymakers to provide insights into the key issues businesses face, such as regulatory & tax competitiveness, infrastructure & technology, and healthy workforces. Our thought leadership and collaboration on public policies at local, state, and federal levels improves and creates an interconnected climate wherein business, institutions, and government work in harmony to advance the qualities of life for all Coloradans.

As the President of the Colorado Business Roundtable, I am honored to represent and advocate on behalf of the business community. I see every day, beyond simply brick and mortar and machines, the diverse faces of our businesses. We welcome you to join us in leveraging our voice to ensure our vision of a prosperous Colorado for all becomes, and remains, a reality.

Debbie Brown
President, Colorado Business Roundtable