Colorado Job Quality Framework featuring the Colorado Workforce Development Council

Sep 13, 2021

Attracting and growing good jobs is key to building a strong economy and creating opportunity for all Coloradans. Given the benefits of improving job quality for both employers and workers, the Colorado Job Quality Framework aims to help local stakeholders take action to improve job quality. By sharing and implementing the framework, Colorado stakeholders can increase the supply of good jobs in the state, resulting in greater satisfaction for workers and more competitive businesses.

Joining Profits & Purpose to discuss the Colorado Job Quality Framework are Lee Wheeler-Berliner, Managing Director of the Colorado Workforce Development Council, Dan Weinstein, Vice President of health and benefits and risk solutions practice for Aon in Denver, and Colleen Wohnoutka, Associate, Colorado Workforce Development Council. They discuss the elements that lead to high job quality, what tools are available to increase job quality, and the framework itself.

Hosted by Colorado Business Roundtable President Debbie Brown.

Lee Wheeler-Berliner (left)

As the director of the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office, Lee manages the execution of strategies to develop and sustain an industry-led talent development system in Colorado. By forging relationships with industry and public partners at the local and state level, Lee helps to ensure the alignment of talent development efforts statewide. Lee has been with the CWDC for four years and brings extensive project management and leadership experience to this role. He previously worked as an independent consultant for mission-driven for-profit and nonprofit entities, as well as holding senior leadership positions with Hunger Free Colorado and Colorado Court Appointed Special Advocates. Lee holds an MBA with a concentration in social entrepreneurship from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and is an active coffee drinker at his local Edgewater coffee shop.

Dan Weinstein (center)

In addition to his leadership responsibilities, Dan acts as the ongoing client manager for the companies he works with to ensure overall satisfaction. Through Dan’s 16 years working in the HR space his experience includes assessment of existing human resource strategy, related strategic planning and guidance; human resource and business related risk evaluation; and managing implementations of complex, integrated solutions. In the local Denver community Dan founded Colorado Leadership Cares, a non-profit focused broadly on Colorado Leaders looking to give back to the local community with their skills and investigate how to integrate their own corporate social responsibility programs more holistically with the communities they live and work in. In Dan’s “spare” time he enjoys playing with his 3 kids, cycling, gardening and more recently keeping his sourdough starter alive to bake another Day!

Colleen Wohnoutka (right)

As an associate for the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office, Colleen is focused on establishing and supporting retail sector partnerships. These partnerships build on Colorado’s foundation of industry-led collaboration to keep retail in the driver’s seat while leveraging community partners who can assist in areas such as skill-building to help attract, train, and promote talent in the field. Colleen has several years of prior experience with retail and sales, working with companies such as Walmart, Walgreens, and Schwan’s Home Food Service. She has an MBA with a concentration in project management. Colleen enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, learning new things, and raising bengal cats.