COLORADO BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE leverages the experience of executives from Colorado’s largest employers representing academia, business, community, and government. Together, we examine state challenges through a long-term, global lens, and we bring forward solutions to strengthen Colorado’s economy and improve quality of life.

As an affiliate of the national Business Roundtable, we represent America’s biggest employers.

Our shared commitment lies in preserving a high quality of life for all Coloradans by fostering a robust and globally competitive state economy.

Our Partners

“Colorado Business Roundtable believes in the value of a job to create dignity, opportunity, and provide long term prosperity for an individual and their family. That’s why sound public policy decisions that promote job creation and a thriving economy are so important. When businesses succeed, people succeed, and communities succeed. We’re all in this together.”


“Our state’s long-term competitiveness and economic vitality depends on opening more pathways to good-paying careers and upward mobility for more Coloradans. COBRT’s work is critical in sparking collaboration between public and private sectors to strengthen Colorado’s education and workforce development programs.”

— KARLA NUGENT, Founder & Chief Revenue Officer — Weifield Group

We are Unique

  • We’re mission aligned — business is a force for good.
  • As an affiliate of the national Business Roundtable, we represent Colorado’s largest employers.
  • We represent a coalition of CEOs/C-suite executives from academia, business, community, and government.
  • We work on public policy issues that affect our partners in Colorado, nationally, and internationally.

Business Roundtable’s

Purpose of a Corporation

Each of our stakeholders is essential.  We commit to deliver value to all of them for the future success of our companies, our communities, and our country.

  • Delivering value to our customers.
  • Investing in our employees.
  • Dealing fairly and ethically with our suppliers.
  • Supporting the communities in which we work.
  • Generating long-term value for shareholders, who provide the capital that allows companies to invest, grow, and innovate.