What Is “P-TECH” featuring Dr. Don Haddad and Ray Johnson

Apr 6, 2021

In short, P-TECH 9-14 School Model is a pioneering education reform initiative created by IBM, to prepare young people with the academic, technical and professional skills required for 21st Century Jobs and ongoing education. P-TECH is a public education reform model focused on college attainment and career readiness. P-TECH schools span grades 9-14 and enable students to earn both a high school diploma and a no-cost, two-year postsecondary degree in a STEM field. Students participate in a range of workplace experiences, including mentorship, worksite visits and paid internships. Upon graduation, students have the academic and professional skills required to either continue their education in a four-year postsecondary institution or enter into entry-level careers in IT, healthcare, advanced manufacturing and other competitive fields.

Dr. Don Haddad is the Superintendent of the St. Vrain School District, which has successfully incorporated P-TECH into its district for a number of years. Dr. Haddad has an impressive career spanning 36 years where he has benefited from a broad range of experiences in several school districts while working in various teaching, coaching and administrative positions at every level, PK-12. You can read more about St. Vrain School District here, and Dr. Haddad’s bio here.

Ray Johnson is Corporate Citizenship Manager for IBM, and a Colorado Business Roundtable Board Member. Ray oversees the company’s community and government relations programs, along with workforce development and K-12 education reform, for a 11-state region. A leading advocate of K-12 business and education partnerships, Ray has been involved with numerous initiatives in his territory, including the push for standards and assessments in the mid-1990’s. Most recently, Ray worked with the Governor, state legislature and the Colorado departments of Education and Higher Education to bring P-TECH schools to the state. You can read his full bio here.

Hosted by Colorado Business Roundtable President Debbie Brown.