Walking the Talk: How CSU Global Delivers to Industry

May 28, 2021

The success of Colorado State University Global (CSU Global) is recognized throughout the world. The nonprofit, independently-accredited, fully online institution opened its doors in 2008 to 200 modern, nontraditional students and now serves over 20,000 annually who reside in every Colorado county, every U.S. state and territory, and more than 60 countries.

By state statute, CSU Global is ineligible to receive state funds, and yet it has not increased its per credit hour tuition rate since 2012; it does not charge student fees, provides 24-hour, 7-day a week, free, live tutoring, technical support and library access; and has maintained a cash flow positive status since 2010.

CSU Global has also provided support to over 3,000 partner organizations and their employees, working toward student and employee online education success. To-date, it has recorded:

  1. Above the national average in salaries by graduated cohorts for both bachelor’s and master’s degree graduates, 1-year and 5-years post-program completion;
  2. Employer satisfaction with graduates; 98% of employers are Very Satisfied or Satisfied with their CSU Global graduate employee; and
  3. U.S. News & World rankings as one of the Top 10 institutions for Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees and Top 30 for Best Online Graduate Degrees.

How has CSU Global clearly overcome the odds of its survival to be recognized as one of today’s leading institutions?  “The staff and faculty at CSU Global understand that we are part of a learning community,” stated President Pamela Toney. “We all continually learn, grow, and adapt to support the success of our students and the institution.”

As part of that philosophy, the institution boasts both a culture and a practice of deliberate learning. The culture of CSU Global is shaped by its mission, goals, and understanding of its role with modern learners toward workplace success. “We have created a model for our students to balance career, family, and personal commitments with their desire to advance their education, ” commented Dr.  Paul Savory, Provost.  CSU Global has a high level of intentionality that it has established for its staff and even its faculty instructors. And with CSU Global faculty as one of the students’ most consistent points-of-contact, it has a sharp focus on the way it selects, continually trains, and works with its faculty instructors.

Based on its data, CSU Global has identified the key factors of its instructors that measurably help ensure students excel academically and in the workforce. While over 80% of the faculty hold a doctorate degree, it is the workplace qualifications that the institution seeks in its instructor candidates. The three required factors of a successful CSU Global instructor are relevant field expertise, online education experience, and a laser focus on student success. “We challenge our faculty instructors to actively, positively, and consistently bring their industry expertise and experience into their classes so that students receive added benefit from practical application information,” shared Dr. Angela Hernquist, Assistant Vice President Academic Affairs.

CSU Global instructors are also provided with clear instructor expectations, as well as training and upskilling opportunities.  From courses on successfully meeting faculty expectations, instructional best practices and how-tos, to ongoing personal and professional development, the learning at CSU Global for instructors is as practical and hands-on as it is for student learning. Examples of instructor courses include: Faculty Certification Seminars; Emotional Intelligence in the Online Classroom; Meet Gen Z; the First AI Natives; Qualities of an Effective Online Instructor and Discussion Board Strategies; and Creating Video Introductions & Effective Live Sessions.

With its thousands of business-based partnerships, its strong retention-to-completion and graduation rates, and exemplary workforce outcomes, the institution’s work to-date is undeniably effective.  As verified by its third-party issued or verified results, it appears that the institution is meeting its aspirations for modern students by ensuring that its organization and its people, and just as important, its faculty, are continuously trained and learning. “The goal of CSU Global faculty instructor management is focused on ensuring that students finish their courses and programs, get into the field of their choice, and be great at it,” said Dr. Angela Hernquist, Assistant Vice President Academic Affairs.

For questions or information on Colorado State University Global, serving on one of its industry advisory boards, or its Affiliate program for employee-student discounts other partnership opportunities, and  please contact Dr. Angela Hernquist at [email protected].