Verizon’s Remarkable DEI and Community Outreach Initiatives with Josh Miller

Oct 5, 2022

Josh Miller is Manager of Community Engagement-Colorado, Kansas and Kansas City, MO for Verizon. He is part of a team that designs, implements, and executes company programs pertaining to everything from diversity, equity and inclusion to addressing climate change to equitable digital inclusion for all. Verizon has a multitude of programs designed to ensure the highest satisfaction from its four identified stakeholder groups: customers, employees, shareholders, and society as a whole.

On this episode of A Seat at the Table, Josh shares his journey through the world of politics that ultimately led him to Verizon, discusses what it was like to have his first day coincide with Colorado’s shutdown order related to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, how virtual programs translate to the real world, and a lot more. It’s a jam-packed episode that paints a detailed picture of Verizon’s robust initiatives.

Hosted by Colorado Business Roundtable President Debbie Brown.

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