The Development of the Sikorsky FIREHAWK Helicopter featuring Jeanette Eaton and Joe Rice

May 31, 2021







Colorado Business Roundtable is thrilled to bring this episode of Profits and Purpose to you discussing the development of the Sikorsky FIREHAWK Helicopter and its imminent arrival in Colorado. From the website, here is a little bit about it:

“Born a BLACK HAWK® helicopter, the Sikorsky FIREHAWK® aircraft relies on its proven military design to endure the unrelenting physical stresses demanded of the aerial firefighting and utility missions. Now, a new generation S-70i™ FIREHAWK® helicopter brings enhanced capability and flight safety to its high-payload role: extra power margin when dropping water or inserting firefighters at the fire line; 4 g maneuverability when fully loaded; a stronger airframe; and greater water drop control. A true multi-mission aircraft, the FIREHAWK helicopter can be quickly reconfigured in flight for search and rescue, hoist rescues and medical transport, even with its 1,000-gallon (3,785 L) external water tank still attached.”

Joining us are Jeanette Eaton, Vice President of Strategy & Business Development for Commercial Systems and Services market segments around the world, and Joe Rice, Director of Government Relations for Lockheed Space. They provide insight into the development of the Sikorsky FIREHAWK, how Colorado came to procure one, and more. Here is a video of aerial firefighting in action.

Jeanette has a diverse portfolio of experiences over 32 years, including 22 years with Sikorsky, spanning Engineering, Manufacturing, Program Management, Customer Support, Marketing and Sales in support of Commercial and Military rotorcraft and has guided Sikorsky into the firefighting market. As an engineer and program manager, she was involved in the original FIREHAWK design concept and production in the late 1990s with Los Angeles County.

Joe is responsible for the management of legislative and regulatory matters at the state and local level for Space, which employs more than 21,000 people and generated more than $10 billion in sales for the Lockheed Martin Corporation in 2019. Prior to joining Lockheed Martin in August 2011, Mr. Rice served two terms in the Colorado state legislature as State Representative for the 38th House District of Colorado from 2007-2010.  While in the legislature, he focused on economic development and transportation, passing legislation that resulted in significant jobs creation across the state.  He also previously served as the mayor of Glendale, Colorado, from 1996-2003.

Hosted by Colorado Business Roundtable President Debbie Brown.