The Complicated Issue of Immigration featuring Alexandre Padilla

Feb 12, 2024

Alexandre Padilla, Ph.D., is the chair and professor of the Department of Economics at Metropolitan State University of Denver. His areas of expertise include insider trading, business economics, stock exchanges, securities and regulation, economic analysis of political decisions and business ethics. He is currently teaching Principles of Microeconomics. Padilla has taught at MSU Denver since 2002. He serves as the director of the Exploring Economic Freedom Project at MSU Denver, which educates students and the general public about the role of economic and political freedom in promoting entrepreneurship, economic growth, prosperity and peace.

Alex also emigrated from France and that experience has lent him unique insight into the immigration process for the United States. He joins Debbie for a conversation about both legal and illegal immigration. How does the system work (or not work)? What can be done to improve it? How do we stack up against other countries? And what does the future hold? All of these questions and more are answered on this week’s show.

Hosted by Colorado Business Roundtable President Debbie Brown.