Nextworld featuring CEO Kylee McVaney

May 3, 2021

Kylee McVaney is the CEO of Nextworld, a company that delivers modern ERP architecture that helps organizations better align with today’s business realities. This innovative and adaptable technical foundation is key to addressing unexpected change. Architecting for the modern business world means re-thinking how applications are developed. This revolutionary architecture insulates your business by separating the technology from the applications. Thus, enabling you to stop investing large amounts of money, staff, and time to simply maintain the status quo. Instead, you’ll be increasing your ROI and lowering the TCO.

Kylee was essentially raised on software, landing her first job in the technology industry in 1977 when her father, Ed McVaney, founded J.D. Edwards. Kylee was exposed to all aspects of the ERP product and, by the time she graduated high school, Kylee was considered a subject matter expert in both payables and fixed assets.

Kylee went on to earn a BS in Accounting from the University of Southern California, became a CPA, enjoyed a brief stint in public accounting, and then returned to J.D. Edwards where she held various technical and management positions. In addition to her love of technology and software, Kylee is passionate about providing opportunities for the next generation to excel and make a positive impact in the world. In 2005, Kylee helped found Valor Christian High School and served as chairman of the board until 2017. Under her guidance, Valor has achieved national recognition, and has grown from an initial enrollment of 120 students to a current size of about 1,200.

She joins the show to discuss Nextworld, the impacts of the global pandemic, her own journey, and the good business can and does do for society.

Hosted by Colorado Business Roundtable President Debbie Brown.