NAIOP Colorado featuring Executive Director Kathie Barstnar

Jan 4, 2021

Kathie Barstnar is Executive Director for NAIOP Colorado. NAIOP represents the commercial real estate industry. It provides strong advocacy, education and business opportunities, and connects its members through a powerful North American network. Founded in 1977, the Colorado Chapter of NAIOP, has become the premier real estate organization serving Denver Metro and the larger Colorado region. NAIOP Colorado boasts a diverse network of over 600 developers, owners, investors and related professionals in office, industrial, retail and mixed-use real estate.

On this week’s episode, Kathie shares her journey into her current role, discusses the mission and purpose of NAIOP, and articulates the challenges and opportunities presented by COVID-19. She also shares her insights about how well-intentioned regulations can have unintended consequences and stand in contradiction to other regulations within the same jurisdiction. Her wealth of experience translates to tremendous insight on all things commercial real estate.

Hosted by Colorado Business Roundtable President Debbie Brown.