Manufacturer’s Edge featuring Tom Bugnitz and Jessica Cowden

Apr 27, 2020

Tom Bugnitz is the CEO of Manufacturer’s Edge, which encourages the strength and competitiveness of Colorado manufacturers through coaching, training, and consulting, collaboration-focused industry programs, and by leveraging government, university, and economic development partnerships. Jessica Cowden is their Director of Marketing and Communications.

Through onsite support and technical assistance, Manufacturer’s Edge works to boost the competitiveness of Colorado manufacturers. The experienced engineers and business professionals at Manufacturer’s Edge have skills in manufacturing, management, process improvements, and technology acceleration and work closely with manufacturers to provide company assessments and customized solutions including hands-on facilitation and implementation.

On this week’s episode, Tom and Jessica discuss how COVID-19 is affecting the manufacturing industry and how Manufacturer’s Edge is helping during the crisis. Tom strikes a hopeful and optimistic note regarding collaboration, innovation, and rapid response he’s seen in his work at Manufacturer’s Edge. 

Hosted by Colorado Business Roundtable President Debbie Brown.