Economic Mobility and the Women’s Bean Project featuring Tamra Ryan

Sep 5, 2023

Tamra Ryan is the CEO of Women’s Bean Project, a social enterprise providing transitional employment in its food manufacturing business to women attempting to break the cycle of chronic unemployment and poverty. She serves as an Economic Mobility Fellow for Common Sense Institute Colorado.

On this episode of A Seat at the Table with Debbie Brown, Tamra shares her professional journey that led her to Women’s Bean Project, discusses the issues many of the women she works with face, and gives an overview of the report she completed with Common Sense Institute titled “Colorado’s Workforce Woes Should Spell Opportunity for Economic Mobility.” Here’s the summary of that report:

“Colorado’s labor force is facing an unprecedented shortage, and conventional trends alone won’t resolve the issue. The state’s tight labor market, with 2.7 jobs for every unemployed person, is resulting in a significant $46 billion loss in annual GDP. A substantial portion of the unemployed and marginally attached to the labor force are people with barriers to employment, such as disabilities, past incarceration, lack of childcare, and educational attainment challenges. To address these issues, employers, educational institutions, and the workforce system need to innovate and better align with the jobs of the future. Integrating basic education with job training, as seen in Washington State’s I-BEST program, and adopting Utah’s One Door policy for improved data sharing and support services are potential solutions. By addressing these barriers, Colorado can bridge the gap between labor demand and supply, leading to economic growth and improved opportunities for its workforce.”

Hosted by Colorado Business Roundtable President Debbie Brown.

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