Disrupting the Health Care Space with Peak Benefits Owner Bryan Perry

Aug 9, 2022

Bryan Perry is the Owner of Peak Benefits, a company that builds premium benefits plans at budget prices. In Bryan’s own words, “The healthcare industry employs armies of consultants whose entire job is to maximize their company’s revenue from your healthcare plan. Business leaders are frustrated because they don’t have more tools when they get their annual 6% increase. We think it is wrong that your rate increase is someone else’s profits.”

On this episode of A Seat at the Table with Debbie Brown, Bryan discusses his journey in business and the founding of Peak Benefits. He talks at length about the opacity of healthcare pricing, why and how he’s dedicated to creating “win-win-win” solutions for businesses, consumers and providers, and where the healthcare industry goes from here, plus a lot more.

Hosted by Colorado Business Roundtable President Debbie Brown.