Colorado needs more home-based child care

Apr 5, 2021

The Colorado Business Roundtable is a public policy organization comprised of executives from some of the state’s largest employers working to strengthen Colorado’s economic vitality. After the events of 2020 — a global pandemic followed by an economic crisis — our mission became even more critical. In fact, our No. 1 priority for 2021 is to get Colorado back on the road to recovery.

Last summer, we worked with Common Sense Institute to bring together a diverse group of Colorado leaders to develop a plan for Colorado’s long-term economic success. The result of that effort is “The Road to Recovery,” a plan that identifies key policy areas that are essential to economic recovery.

Through that effort we learned a lot about the impact of COVID, the shutdowns and vulnerable points in our economy. One of the most significant was the disproportionate impact on women. Dubbed the “she-cession,” this recession has forced tens of thousands of Colorado women out of the workforce. Our economy simply will not fully recover if we can’t get women back to work.

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