CiviCO featuring Executive Director Jennifer Landers

Jan 31, 2022

Jennifer Landers is the Executive Director of CiviCO, an organization that brings together Colorado’s top leaders across all sectors and industries in a non-partisan environment, rich of empowerment. From their website:

“As the strength, vitality and potential of our state continues to grow, our mission continues to expand. We educate, inspire and connect the next generation of community leaders through our elite cross sector leadership programs, enriching experiences, executive coaching and mentorship.  CiviCO provides executives with pathways to a life of significance and community impact – for the future of Colorado.”

On this episode of Profits & Purpose, Jennifer shares her professional journey that led her to CiviCO, discusses the Governor’s Citizenship Medals, shares about the organization’s COVID-19 Heroes, discusses the organization’s mission and goals, and shares the ways in which they partner with organizations like Colorado Business Roundtable.

Hosted by Colorado Business Roundtable President Debbie Brown.