Colorado Business Roundtable:

Faces of Business

Danny D. Moore

President & Managing Partner, DeNOVO Solutions LLC

Life is fleeting.  Live it to your fullest while you have the time.

About … 

Danny Moore is President and Founder of DeNOVO Solutions, LLC a Minority / Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business providing scientific, engineering, technical, and operational support services to the Department of Defense.

He is a graduate of numerous Navy leadership and technical schools.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from Colorado Christian University and an MBA in International Business from the University of Phoenix. Danny also is PMP (Program Management Professional) certified and has held that distinction since 2011.

He lives in Centennial CO with is wife Susan.

Headquartered in Aurora CO, DeNOVO Solutions specializes in signal analysis, engineering design, and development of hardware and software systems fulfilling the mission needs of the Intelligence Communities. DeNOVO’s I.T. Operational and Cyber services include a full spectrum project and program planning, technical evaluation, and modernization execution. DeNOVO also has offices in Maryland and several satellite locations.

What is one of the most important decisions you have made for DeNOVO Solutions this year?

When COVID lockdowns started in March I had to make two critical decisions 1) How to keep my team working safely, and 2) how to pivot to non-traditional customers to keep business growing.  We successfully did both.

What is one new initiative or commitment DeNOVO has launched during 2020 that you are particularly proud of?

We adopted Scale Agile (SAFe®) and transformed every part of our back office, how we pursue business, write proposals, and make decisions.  SAFe® is rooted in trust and without it, an organization cannot keep pace with changing customer needs.  We are decentralizing decision making; implementing the use of agile tools like Jira and Confluence to create visibility for the team throughout the work-in-progress (WIP).  This has enabled us to better manage the WIP and get done what is important.  By adopting the principles of SAFe® the entire company has increased its velocity.  As a result, we’ve beome and even better company!

What are recent actions are you most proud of championing in your role as President and Managing Partner?

As President and Managing Partner of DeNOVO Solutions and Thornberry Consulting, I am especially proud of our partnership with Stand Together.  During the COVID-19 crisis, we immediately recognized that people would be hurting.  Our company made a substantial gift to the Family First Initiative (FII) who provided that funding directly to family support with no strings attached.  Together along with other like-minded philanthropists, FII received over $100M that went directly to families in need, giving people a hand up that makes a difference.

Where have you drawn inspiration from during this challenging time?

I draw inspiration from people and stories of people who simply refuse to give up on life.  Regardless of their station in life, they get up each morning and battle to gain ground.  They celebrate each inch of progress. My inspiration comes from those who know that tomorrow only presents an opportunity and it is up to them what they do with that opportunity.

In addition to taking the necessary measures to help stop the virus,  we hear many are taking time to reflect on the values and lessons learned during this time.  Have you done any of that and are you willing to share anything with us!

I have reflected on the values I have and think it is odd that the thing that would protect you most is washing your hands.  This is the very thing your Mother drummed into you as a child and now it is an essential tool to keeping you healthy.  Wash your hands!  Here are the lessons I have learned:

  1. Fear cannot exist in a house made of faith
  2. Freedom matters most when you have the most to lose in not having it.
  3. Life is fleeting. Live it to your fullest while you have the time.

Why are you involved with the Colorado Business Roundtable? 

I wanted to have a voice.  During the pandemic, I was disheartened by the number of small businesses that were being closed, never to return. I knew there was a way to safely run a business and provide services. I had done it with my business and wanted to share my success so that others could stay in business.  I have ideas and simply did not have a voice to impact change at the state level.  COBRT gives me that voice.

Is there a particular COBRT policy priority that you feel most strongly about?

I am passionate about getting this state back to work. I believe that COBRT can play an instrumental role in partnering with government to safely get Coloradans back to work. Besides the prosperity that work brings, a society needs to work to feel good about itself.  I like to quote George Lorimer who said, “You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.”

Who is your hero or most influential role model?

I do not have many heroes. My Mother is, and remains ,the only hero I have.  She possessed determination like no person I’ve ever known in my life.  She dared to face life’s most difficult challenges and never ask “why me?”  She taught me, through action, to “own the room” —  meaning to always believe you are exactly where you are supposed to be in life.