How Drones are Being Used in Surveying and Civil Engineering

Jun 17, 2019

In an industry often described as a laggard on the technology scale, drones are one of the most highly contended pieces of technology to infiltrate the architecture, engineering and construction (A/E/C) industry. From aerial photography to risk mitigation to site inspections on projects, drones have the potential to revolutionize the A/E/C industry, but must be approached with caution. Hear from our panel of land surveyors and civil engineers as they discuss how drones are being used on commercial projects, along with the benefits and challenges drones incur. Our panelists for this episode of ACEC Colorado include, Tyler Kaebisch, Project Manager Geospatial Services within the Aerial Mapping Group, at Ayres Associates; Dennis Wolf, Land Survey CAD Draftsman & Technician and UAV Pilot at Olsson; Mark Hamouz, P.E., Senior Project Manager, at Harris Kocher Smith Engineering; Shane Livingston, AV Pilot Designer, for Farnsworth Group; and Dave DiFulvio, Principal, Licensed Land Surveyor, for Farnsworth Group.