The Colorado Business Roundtable in partnership with 710 KNUS News/Talk Radio will be hosting the Leadercast Series via simulcast here in Denver. Leading up to the May 8th event, COBRT wants to know who you would nominate to be your brave leader. Join the conversation at #braveleadersCO on Facebook and Twitter and find out who leaders around the city are nominating as their brave leaders.                

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With so many different industries across the state, around the region, and throughout the nation there is always something happening in business and policy. The Colorado Business Roundtable works to stay involved in these issues by being a strong advocate for business interests, smart and appropriate regulations, as well as balanced tax and fiscal policies. Click below to see some of the latest news in these areas.

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 From time to time, the Colorado Business Roundtable likes to host and partner on various events around the city and sometimes out of the state. We hope you will take a look at our gallery and see some of the great leaders that have come out to tell stories about their experiences and their organizations. If you haven't come out to one of our events, we encourage you to come be a part of the next spotlight event.                      

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New innovation and technology are the cornerstones for building a more sustainable future. Through the creation of new products and new ideas, individuals, businesses and organizations can start to adapt and change to the growing global economy. This issue showcases stories from different groups that are growing and expanding because of new technology and innovative thinking, spreading through-out their industries. 

The Colorado Business Roundtable (COBRT) is a leading business organization that advocates for proactive, positive business policies that enhance business development, strengthen the economy, and allows businesses to grow and thrive in Colorado, the region, across the nation and internationally.

Through dynamic partnerships with industry colleagues, organizations, chambers of commerce, along with educational and governmental bodies, our goal is to multiply the efforts, build relationships, and strengthen organizations for those in our targeted focus areas.

Jeff Wasden, President

Emily Haggstrom, Marketing and OUtreach