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Colorado Business Roundtable supports the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) reauthorization, one of metro Denver's economic and cultural success stories. Nearly thirty years ago, voters approved the SCFD that provides funding for 300 cultural facilities across seven metro counties. For one penny on every $10 purchase, residents are supporting arts, culture, and even scientific organizations regionally and locally. Twice before, voters have overwhelmingly substantiated the SCFD's mission to enlighten and entertain the public through the production, presentation, exhibition, advancement and preservation of art, music, theatre, dance, zoology, botany, natural history, and cultural history.

Business owners are constantly evaluating initiatives, capital expenditures, and the return on investment (ROI). That same benchmark is just as important to this reauthorization vote as it is to any new technology, capital purchase, potential new employee, or acquisition. We should look at what SCFD has contributed to the Denver metro area and local communities... More
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September 22: Eric Sondermann, Secure Futures Colorado
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September 26: Kelly Underell, Colorado Innovation Network (COIN); Chuck Sullivan, Something Independent; and Luis Benitez, Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office 
September 27: Mike Biselli - Catalyst /Digital Health Ecosystem  
September 28: Carol Carter - Global MindED 
September 29: Make-A-Wish Colorado - Wish Kids
September 30: Kristen Muzzy, Leaning2Lead, and Alvero Espinosa - Manufacturing in Colorado

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Because of Colorado's bustling economy and variety of top academic institutions, this state was chosen to pilot a new website which will help students chose higher education based on the life they want and the skills employers need. The website, LaunchMyCareerColorado.org, provides new perspectives on the massive amount of data generally consumed by students and parents choosing a college or degree program. 

We are running a series of podcasts to educate businesses and families about this incredible tool at their fingertips, and we would like to invite students on the show to discuss their experiences using the tool, choosing a higher academic learning plan, exploring career and internship options and more. If you know anyone who has used or should use this tool and would like to tell us about your experience in a sound byte or a whole podcast, please contact PR Coordinator Tara at 303-396-6210 or tara@cobrt.com. This could be an excellent way to connect a student to the career of his or her dreams -- or at least give them an opportunity to be on the radio. Check out the site

From Business Roundtable (BRT): House passage of legislation reauthorizing career and technical educational (CTE) programs represents "strong action to address the growing mismatch between the skills that many job candidates possess and those required to succeed in the modern workplace," said Wes Bush of Northrop Grumman, Chair of BRT's Education and Workforce Committee. The House passed H.R. 5587, an update of the Perkins Act, by a 405-5 vote, on September 14. More

From U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF): The recent passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act and the option to include measures of career readiness as part of school accountability systems provides a new opportunity to define what it means to be career ready and to better align what is taught in schools with workplace needs. The USCCF released this week a new report that calls on the business community to support states and districts in adopting and implementing a combined college and career readiness indicator to support the future workforce. More
Economic Development
Denver's Mayor Michael Hancock has a particular passion for affordable housing, and he shared it with the September 20 gathering of City Club of Denver. Although a mayoral annual address is tradition, this was notably Hancock's fifth for the group. 

On the heels of Denver City Council's vote to create the city's first dedicated affordable housing fund, it was understandably a main topic of the mayor's speech. Hancock shared how, in his youth as one of ten children to a single mother, public housing gave him stability that helped him to do better in school. We all know how successfully his story is turning out as he mayor of twenty-first largest city in the U.S... More 
Denver Startup Week, the largest free entrepreneurial event of its kind in North America, wrapped up last Friday following five days of events that showcased Downtown Denver's thriving culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Denver Startup Week 2016 By the Numbers
  • 13,334 registrants (record-breaking)
  • 306 programs throughout week
  • 300+ volunteers including 47 mentors
  • 5,000+ companies represented
  • 3,094 cups of coffee, provided by DripJoy 
From Bipartisan Policy Center: We have an enormous opportunity to invest in our nation's roads, water and wastewater systems, ports, airports, and energy grid. The private sector stands ready to advance capital and expertise into infrastructure projects. Together, the public and private sectors can maximize the value of infrastructure assets, appropriately allocate risk, and prioritize public interests... 

Colorado has been a national leader in innovative infrastructure delivery, with a number of projects-both in development and completed-that demonstrate the value of partnering with the private sector. 
International Business
In a letter to all the leaders of the European Union member states, Business Roundtable forcefully calls on the EU to overturn the European Commission's order that Ireland recover €13 billion from Apple for alleged illegal state aid. "In the interest of all countries that respect the rule of law, this decision must not be allowed to stand," wrote BRT President John Engler. "The precedent set by this decision, if upheld, would increase uncertainty significantly with a consequent adverse effect on foreign investment in Europe, making this decision a grievous self-inflicted wound for the European Union (EU) and its citizens."
 Tax and Fiscal Policy
From Job Creators NetworkThis November, four states will debate a higher minimum wage for entry-level employees: Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and Washington. 

The argument fails to consider the impact of higher labor costs on small businesses, which are hard-pressed to afford more expensive employees. Small businesses account for 97.6 percent of all employers in Colorado, employing roughly 1 million workers. These up-and-coming businesses have much fewer resources than large corporations and must invest in business expansion-including more employees-in order to grow... More
Colorado's culture of inclusiveness features many outstanding women in top positions across the board, from government and politics to big business to startups. Today, September 22, is the day designated nationally to recognize women in the workplace to "commemorates the important legacy and contributions of the more than 68 million American working women and 7.7 million women business owners," according to the American Business Women Association. Check out this article at Yahoo.com to find out more about President Reagan's role in the day and what you can do to combat gender-wage gap and more.
Congressional Conference Call with Congressman Ken Buck by Colorado Business Roundtable
Legislative Discussion and Campaign Benefit Event
Colorado Ballot Issues: What a Woman Needs to Know by Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce and Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development
4th Annual Manufacturing Day Summit by CAMA
Rocky Mountain CitySummit by Downtown Denver Partnership
Collaboration Celebration by the Posner Center
PERA Reform Roundtable by Secure Futures Colorado
3rd Annual Legislative Reception by Colorado Business Roundtable

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