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It takes a lot of savvy, skill and organization to remember everything you ought to know about your customers. Then think about sharing all that information with your sales team, and keeping track of everything they learn out in the field. This Customer Relations Management, it's mind boggling isn't it? Well, you know... there's an app for that. Lots of apps, and they're all snug together in a cloud computing system called SalesForce. This week, our Connect & Collaborate guest is Steve Roch, President, CEO and founder of CRMCulture, a SalesForce implementation partner and consultant. We will discuss how many businesses can make improvements to their strategy, increase sales, and find ways to keep clients happy.

"I've done CRM for 20 years, and I found myself in the past three years coming all the way around. I would build really complex, really robust systems ... and would always look at SalesForce and say, gosh it's so simple. It's simplistic. But the users are fanatical about the usage, and I've come to realize the only thing that matters is simplicity." ~ Steve Roch

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