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Connect & Collaborate with ICOSA is pleased to announce a new co-host and feature for our radio program - Pro Business Colorado with Dave Tabor. Pro Business Colorado will be dedicated to sharing the stories of successful Colorado entrepreneurs and small business owners. Dave is Senior Vice President of Business Partnerships with the State Chamber of Commerce, Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry - which gives him great access to some of the brightest people and exciting businesses in the state. We know there is much to be learned from these conversations, for you as a business owner, or simply for inspiration.

This week, our guests are Anthony Lambatos, Owner and CEO of Footers Catering and Luke Wykcoff, Chief Visionary Officer for Social Media Energy.

Footers Catering is a family owned business, recently changing hands from father to son. The world of catering is not for wimps. Lambatos manages menus, schedules, budgets and food shipments, all of which must be done with precision. But the Lambatos family adds flair and fun, making it a great place to work for employees who are creative and reliable. Listen in to find out just how crazy it can get and the innovative solutions that emerge from the madness.

Social Media Energy is a business built from a mistake. Luke Wykcoff was presenting a business plan, and diverged into sharing some social media suggestions, when the company asked him to handle their social media as an outsourced service. Social Media Energy was born, as Luke might say, before he  even knew what it was going to be.  Wykcoff encourages entrepreneurs not to let a business plan get in the way of starting a business. What exactly does that mean? Tune in to find out.

Listen Saturday at 10:00 AM on KNUS 710 –  Please let us know what you think of our program, either by commenting here or on Facebook at Connect & Collaborate with ICOSA or join the discussion on Twitter @ICOSAMagazine.