Connect & Collaborate - Two Speakers of the House

We're bringing you a unique perspective of the workings of the Colorado Legislature, through a conversation with two former Speakers of the House who will be ending their terms at the same time, at the close of the current legislative session. Mark Ferrandino (D) and Frank McNulty (R) share their experiences leading the House, from both Democratic and Republican perspectives. Together they have insight on term limits, bi-partisanship, and how to work together from both sides of the aisle. Mark Ferrandino on term limits:

"It takes about three to five years before they really feel comfortable, understand enough of the issues to really be affective. Let's say it's four years, for half your career you're trying to learn things and you have four years left to to be able to actually affect change as effectively as you can. Which means more of the knowledge, more of the institutional power moves to the executive departments and agencies and the lobby corps because they're going to outlast all of us."

Frank McNulty on Bi-partisanship:

"If you put forth enough effort to reach common ground, often times you'll get there. It's incumbant upon leadership in both parties, Republicans and Democrats, to try and find that common ground and that's what we're not seeing in Washington D.C. these days."

Hosted by Jeff Wasden, President of the Colorado Business Roundtable, and Gayle Dendinger, President of ICOSA Media,  the discussion covers the state of the legislature, all with a healthy dose of humor mixed in. If you've ever wondered what it's really like in the State Capitol, this week's program is probably the most entertaining way to learn about it.

Listen Saturday at 10:00 AM on KNUS 710 –  Please let us know what you think of our program, either by commenting here or on Facebook at Connect & Collaborate with ICOSA or join the discussion on Twitter @ICOSAMagazine.