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The Export University program in Hawaii gets small businesses up and going out of their comfort zone and home bias.  Home bias is only doing business with people in your market area or next door.  Export University takes a business into new markets by diversifying customers and making businesses more competitive.  Export University is open to mainland companies. The courses offered at Export University are beginning exporting 101, yet well-established exporters still find relevance in taking the course so any beginning, intermediate or experienced exporter has only to gain for attending a course.  The courses are instructed by John Holman and Steve Green.  Businesses who have taken part in Export University are in agriculture to law―a gamut of exporting good are covered.  Courses are taught by skillful experts in in exporting.  Resources such as experts in shipping such as FedEx and lawyers answer FAQ’s about exporting.

Lesley Harvey

Courses range from $70.00-$150.00 and typically are two-four days.  Exporting workbooks and a basic guide to exporting are included.  Scholarships are available to those who qualify.  Portions of the cost are paid by the attendee with the remainder being paid by the department of agriculture and other companies invested in the exporting business.

Lesley Harvey is the Project Director for the Hawaii Pacific Export Council, Export University Program and holds a master’s degree in Economics, specializing in International Economics. Having helped to secure grant funding for this program, she also helped to develop the materials and construct the curriculum for the HPEC Export University.

Steve Craven

Steve Craven is an international business consultant in Honolulu known for his former radio show, now a blog, called “Business Beyond The Reef.”  Some may know him from his days with the U.S. Commercial Service in places like Washington, DC, Taiwan, Germany, Singapore, Austria, Slovakia - and exotic Denver. He currently chairs the Hawaii Pacific Export Council (HPEC), an expert advisory committee appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce.




For more information, visit;

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