Rotary International

  Rotary International’s motto is, “Rotary, Humanity in Motion.”  They are a collective of service minded individuals helping up their communities and reaching out to those in need across the globe.  The Rotarians differentiate themselves from other organizations by methodically using their business acumen to accomplish their goals.

One such Rotarian is Ron Burton.  Burton joined Rotary International in 1979 and is the current president nominee for 2013-2014. In Burton’s 32 years of Rotary service he has been Rotary International Director, Vice Chair of the Future Vision Committee, and Chair of the 2011 Rotary International Conference in New Orleans, member of the USA Polio Eradication Advocacy Task Force and past President of The Rotary Club in Norman, Oklahoma.  Burton’s commitment to Rotary is evident in his service and as the 2013-2014 presidential nominee he will be working towards The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations challenge grant.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded The Rotary Foundation a challenge grant that will match, dollar for dollar, up to $100 million.  Rotary has three years to raise this amount to meet the Gates Foundation match.  The grant will fund the eradication of Polio in the world.  Currently Rotary is in 340,000 U.S. cities and with that amount of participation Rotary is on track to meet that match.  Rotary International also partners with World Health, UNICEF and the CDC in their effort to eradicate polio.

The Rotary Club of Norman, Oklahoma has local issues they focus on such as assisting abandon children find apartments, food and home goods.  Another local community project they coordinate is called, “Stuff the Bus,” where they collect backpacks stuffed with school supplies and donate to local schools.

Rotary’s future looks forward to young business people joining, strengthening Rotary clubs, and creating larger and sustainable projects.

And as Ron Burton becomes the president of Rotary International he and other Rotarians will continue to uphold high ethical standards in their mission of promoting world understanding and peace.  And of course I couldn’t leave out my all-time favorite Rotary test in which every Rotarian must ask themselves in making decisions.

1. Is it the truth?

2. Is it fair?

3. Does it build good will?

4. Is it beneficial to all concerned?

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