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FSG is a global social enterprise organization.  Social enterprises are organizations that apply business methods to achieving philanthropic goals.  One benefit in social entrepreneurship is both the donor and receipt win.  Winning!  FSG is also a nonprofit consulting firm specializing in strategy, evaluation and research.  They work with companies to develop corporate social responsibility strategies.

John Kania is the managing director of FSG.  Kania’s expertise is in social entrepreneurship emphasizing in strategy, leadership and organizational development.  Kania’s expertise has resulted in him writing a book called, “Do More Than Give,” along with Leslie R. Crutchfield and Mark R. Kramer.  The book is inspired by the bestselling book, “Forces for Good.”  “Do More Than Give,” tells the six practices of donors who change the world.  Within the book new terms are defined such as catalytic philanthropy.  Catalytic philanthropy is empowering all involved and going beyond giving a financial donation.   As Kania is a consultant at heart he is available to work with all sizes of companies and can be reached by email at; john.kania@fsg.org.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is engaging in and advocating for what is needed in a community.  When done properly a strategy is developed with FSG to determine a project where all involved benefit.  Any size business can develop a corporate social responsibility program by offering nonprofits services.  For example an IT company can offer nonprofits beta versions, and later fully developed software and in return the IT company receives the nonprofits user data from the beta version.

John Kania


The innovation in FSG’s social impact consulting firm starts with corporate social responsibility methods and how to apply best practices to be successful.  Collective impact is about moving beyond isolated impact and collaborating with several partners to create a scalable change.  Using a company’s expertise rather than only financial donations can make more of an impact.  Corporate social responsibility has developed into collaborating with businesses and other non-profits and using all types of company resources to benefit donors and recipients.

For more information on the book “Do More Than Give,” visit; www.domorethangive.com.

To contact FSG, Foundations Strategy Group, visit; www.fsg.org.

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