Supporting Today's Workers and Preparing the Workforce of Tomorrow

The Consulate General of Canada in Denver, the Office of the Governor of Colorado, and the Colorado Business Roundtable hosted an event addressing urgent issues in Colorado and Canada: supporting displaced workers and preparing the workforce of the future in a transforming economy. 

Speakers addressed trends that are accelerating change in the Coloradan and Canadian economics, successful approaches to support workers who lost their jobs while they re-train for other opportunities, and best practices in preparing K-12 and higher education in Colorado and Canada for the jobs of tomorrow. 

Speakers and panelists, in order of appearance:

Jeff Wasden, CEO of COBRT

Erik Mitisek, Chief Innovation Officer of Colorado and CEO, IMAgine Analytics.

Jared Nichols, futures strategist and author of Waypoint: Mapping the Future of Talent in the Age of Automation.

Stephanie Veck, Director, Colorado Workforce Development Council

Michael Strople, President, Enterprise Networks, Zayo Group Holdings

Randy Hoback, Member of Parliament, Prince Albert Riding

Sarah Heath, PhD, State Director-Assistant Provost - Colorado Career and Technical Education

Kim Hunter Reed, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Higher Education

Shaun Thorson, CEO, Skills Canada

Donald Austin, Vice-President, Commerce City Refinery, Suncor

John W. Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado

Kirsten Hillman, Deputy Ambassador of Canada to the United States