Denver Opportunity Youth Initiative

Our youth are tomorrow’s talent:

Today there are close to 9,000 youth in the Denver metro area who are talented and motivated, but lack the opportunity and support to reconnect to school and work. Generally 16 to 24 years old, they’re called opportunity youth. We call them tomorrow’s business leaders and innovators.

We get more done together:

We’ve all faced challenges in our career – and always had someone to lend a hand. At the Denver Opportunity Youth Initiative we help young adults overcome those challenges. And we connect employers with these talented youth.

We’re looking for businesses committed to developing our workforce and matching the right talent to the right job. You’re committed to helping get these youth on a path to careers through work experiences, mentorship or training.

Your participation is an investment into the long-term success of Colorado’s economy. Let’s keep Colorado competitive and find a solution to our growing workforce gap.

By 2020, 74 percent of our jobs in Colorado will require some post-secondary credentials

Roughly 54 percent of Coloradans have post-secondary credentials

Want to develop tomorrow's talent?

We offer you a personal, tailored experience:

You’ll work one-on-one with Talent Pipeline Director Lorena Zimmer to:

  • Identify available positions in your company and the necessary skills needed
  • Identify core competencies that youth need prior to an internship or job with you
  • Identify jobs that can be filled immediately vs. jobs that you can tailor for opportunity youth (jobs can be full-time, job shadows, internships or other work experience)
  • Identify the youth who are ready for your work opportunities

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