Joe Rice, Director, Government Relations, Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Inner Circle Q&A

What book have you given or recommended the most?
The Next 100 Years by George Friedman (2009). Great information to ponder about the world we live in and what is to come. Though the book is 8 years old, you already see some of the trends emerging, such as a resurgent Russia, tensions in Europe, and more assertive Turkey.

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?
There isn’t one! Really! I cannot imagine another job. I believe what Lockheed Martin does is important, it is definitely cool, and I very much enjoy working here! Though I definitely would hop on the next flight of Orion if I could!

How would you describe your leadership style?
Seek to effect positive change. Do the right thing. Take care of people. Seek to understand. Seek mutually beneficial solutions. Inspire.

What are some industry trends that have an impact on your role as a leader?
The aerospace industry is as dynamic as ever, and leaders in this industry need to be even more agile, flexible and inclusive as we face a fast-moving and highly-competitive landscape. With aerospace technology moving at a blistering pace, leaders have to embrace and empower diverse perspectives, early-career talent, and non-traditional suppliers and teammates.


Joe Rice is the Director of Government Relations for Lockheed Martin Space Systems. He is a Colonel in the Army Reserve with five combat tours of duty in Iraq and one peacekeeping tour in Bosnia. Joe is on the Board of the Colorado Space Business Roundtable and active with the Colorado Space Coalition and Citizens for Space Exploration. He also serves as an appointee of Governor Hickenlooper on the Colorado Aeronautical Board. He is a former member of the Colorado State House of Representatives, and a former mayor of the City of Glendale.

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