Salt Lake City Windustrial

Phil Amburn – Sales/Operations Mgr.  




Rick Jensen – President





Salt Lake City Windustrial established in 1968, and today is under the umbrella and guidance of WinWholesale Inc., a leading national supplier of domestic and industrial supplies and materials headquartered in Dayton, Ohio.  WinWholesale is on the Forbes list of America’s largest privately-held companies. Their local wholesale employees receive in the benefits of their partial ownership.

Today Windustrial is in 43 states with more than 450 locally owned and operate Win companies under the following names;  Winnelson, Winair, Winlectric, Windustrial, Wintronic, Winwater and Winsupply.

Windustrial focuses on the local economy providing services to local customers while at the same time having the advantage of international buying power such as sourcing products out of Germany and Switzerland.  The benefit of having local companies is the ability of meet local needs.  The corporate umbrella with local ownership makes Windustrail the supplier of choice.  The Salt Lake City branch has a family atmosphere and profit share program so the harder an employee works, the better they are compensated.  Retaining employees allows the company to keep a personal connection through employee/customer relationships.  Windustrial sees customers as partners with the goal of meeting customer’s need economically, quickly and accurately.  Windustrial pulls together to provide the best service.

Windustrail also recommends problem solving products to customers.  They reach out to both engineers and industry firms to generate projects.  They continually seek new opportunities to provide their services.  To contact Salt Lake City Windustrial, visit their website at;


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