Sustainable Energy in the U.S. Military

The United States military recognizes the need for sustainable energy.  In August the Army established the Energy Initiatives Office Task Force to develop renewable energy projects and improve energy security.  This is a concern because providing energy to remote military locations is dangerous as well as the possibility of the military communications being offline.  In fact one of eight army causalities is a result of protecting fuel convoys.  New energy technology can save lives, money and the environment.  In Iraq from 2003 to 2007, 3,000 people died protecting fuel convoys.  The fuel is used to run generators which provide electricity for communications.  The end cost is $40.00 per gallon which includes all aspects of getting the fuel to remote locations. One reduction to using fuel is providing solar panels that are easily rolled up into an individual’s backpack.  On base solar panels can be mounted on trailers.  The Department of Defense is interested in micro-grids to provide electricity to the military in an energy crisis.  As new energy products are provided and/or developed both by the military and business, most importantly lives will be saved.

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