Become a Sustainable Company.

Pete Dignan Executive Director of CORE  

To get your business connected and ready to take action join Connected Organizations for a Responsible Economy (CORE).  This business association is dedicated to making your business sustainable in Denver, CO.  Pete Dignan, executive director of CORE advises businesses to find similar associations in any city by searching the Internet for keywords such as, “business, sustainability, (insert your location)” and associations in your area will generate.  A CORE membership allows companies to unload their sustainability baggage and determine specific actions to become sustainable.  This covers the areas of energy and materials use as well as community engagement.  For example Molson Coors calculates its carbon foot print, by calling it their “beer print.” They realize that 88 percent of customers are looking for companies practicing sustainability.

Colorado is leading the nation in having the most “green” companies.  Following the triple bottom line of people, plan and profit is not a partisan issue.  Everyone can follow these four steps:

  1. Asses your sustainability
  2. Set sustainable goals
  3. Engage employees
  4. Report progress

CORE can help companies identify the four steps.  Being completely sustainable is possible.  NREL in Colorado actually produces more energy than they consume.  There model is one to aspire to.  For more information, visit:

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