Energy 101 with Kelly de la Torre

Kelly de la Torre Access to power is key and we are so very plugged into it.  U.S. consumers need to realize consumption has global affects.  Think of every plastic object and know oil energy probably powered its creation.

Energy production has a bad reputation of harming the environment even though regulatory practices are enforced to protect it.  “Fracking is the process of initiating and subsequently propagating a fracture in a rock layer, by means of a pressurized fluid, in order to release petroleum, natural gas, coal seam gas, or other substances for extraction,” Charlez, Philippe A. (1997), Rock Mechanics. This process can have detrimental environmental implications.

To learn more about energy regulatory practices, visit the Rocky Mountain Energy Blog:  Blogger and energy sector attorney, Kelly de la Torre, blogs about energy regulation, energy innovations in wind, solar, geothermal, hydro and biofuel.  De la Torre believes collaboration involving all energy sectors is needed to maintain and support both consumption now and the expected doubling energy needs that will come with year 2030.

Energy production is an issue at the forefront―consequently so is the energy grid.  Discussions on grid accommodations and security such as cyber-attacks, pipeline security and energy transmission are needed.

Leaner energy users are considered a 5th fuel.  Innovation will propel us forward, says de la Torre.  Tough issues in innovations using garbage, biofuels, wind, solar and geothermal need to be collaboratively worked so that energy is sustainable.

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