Connect & Collaborate's Election Review

Tune in for COBRT's Connect & Collaborate Radio's post-election show with Jeff Wasden, President of the Colorado Business Roundtable, as we review the ballot initiatives, how they did, and possible results of these voter decisions.

Jeff will be joined by:

  • Kelly Sloan, Director of Government Relations at Olson Strategies and Advertising, for a statewide perspective on election results
  • Steve House, Chair of the Colorado Republican Party, to discuss where the party goes from here
  • Secretary of State Wayne Williams will provide us with a debrief of the overall election process and other related issues

This Connect & Collaborate show aired live the day after the election on Denver's Money Talk 1690 AM. If you missed that -- or if you heard it and want to pass it on to a colleague -- the podcast is available here. You can hit play right here, you can download it from here to listen to anytime, or you can subscribe to Connect & Collaborate on your favorite podcast app.