Next week's line up on Connect and Collaborate (May 30-June 3, 2016)

May 30 -  Joe Daly - GALLUP  
An encore presentation of our interview with Joe Daly from Gallup
The company has long been associated with well-researched statistics as well as election predictions. We'll talk with Joe Daly about Entrepreneurial Profile 10 - a program developed by Gallup to identify and assess the aptitudes and skill sets of youth for entrepreneurial endeavors. 

May 31 -  DORA - Rebecca Laurie and Patty Salazar
Connect & Collaborate has formed a partnership with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) to promote the many resources in place to help businesses run more smoothly and in keeping with state laws and regulations. Today, we will talk with Rebecca Laurie from DORA, who will introduce us to Patty Salazar,  the state's Commissioner of Financial Services and Director of DORA's Division of Financial Services. 

June 1 - Carol Carter - Global MindED
Carol Carter, Founder and Executive of Global MindED, joins us discuss growing Denver's Talent Pipeline on the world stage. We'll talk about the upcoming Global MindED Conference on access, equity and opportunity coming up June 9 and 10 right here in Denver.

June 2 - Rick Barrera - Heartled Leadership
Rick joins us to share his network of incredible leaders and speakers from the Heartlead Leadership Institute. Today, he'll speak with Steve Foster, one of the Board of Directors for the Colorado Technology Association. 

June 3 - Peter Moore - VITAL for Colorado
Peter Moore, President and CEO of VITAL for Colorado, is a regular contributor to Connect & Collaborate, discussing the importance of energy production in the state. VITAL for Colorado is a coalition of industry leaders throughout Colorado who support a rational, well-regulated and competitive regulatory environment for energy production. His guest today is Bill Cadman, President of the Colorado State Senate representing  Colorado State Senate District 12.