Connect and Collaborate Guests for March 21-25

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March 21– Anthony Lambatos – Footers Catering
Anthony shares his experience running a second generation business and his thoughts on company culture.

March 22  – Stephanie Veck - Colorado Workforce Development Council
As one of COBRT’s partner agencies, CWDC joins us once a month to discuss progress in growing our state’s talent pipeline for a strong workforce. We will talk with Ellen Golombek, Executive Director of CDLE and co-chair of the BEL Commission.  

March 23 – Joe Daly – Gallup
We’ll talk with Joe Daly about Entrepreneurial Profile 10 Matrix  – a program developed by Gallup to identify and assess the aptitudes and skill sets of youth for entrepreneurial endeavors. Gallup is meeting with Denver leaders to explain details of a new program that has already launched in three U.S. and three international cities.

March 24 – Greg Bashaw – Colorado Microbusiness Alliance  
Greg Bashaw, Executive Director of the Colorado MicroBusiness Alliance will tell us about the group’s efforts to develop a legislative voice for small businesses, and help identify and change some of the regulatory rules which are burdensome to smaller companies.

March 25 – Patrick Kelly – Change Point Consulting
We’ll discuss generational differences in the work place, specifically the traits of millennials and how employers can better engage with this much-talked-about group to prepare them manage business in the near future.