Connect & Collaborate Hosts for February 6-10

February 6 – Doug Krug & Christine Kahane – Institute for UnLearning
Doug Krug and Christine Kahane are Resultants from the Institute for UnLearning, where they focus on helping leaders implement change in their companies without the resistance, which is typical.
February  7 – Lauren McIntosh – Women in Manufacturing
Lauren McIntosh, Chapter Chair of Women in Manufacturing, joins us to share her experience in a manufacturing career and the types of jobs available in the manufacturing industry. She will share her family’s background in manufacturing in Colorado and how she discovered ties she didn’t know she had.
February 8 – COBRT – Transportation
The Colorado Business Roundtable is focused on Transportation this month, and Jeff Wasden, President of the COBRT, joins us along with Cathy Proctor, Denver Business Journal’s Energy and Transportation reporter. We will share interviews with CDOT Executive Director, Shailen Bhatt, about how technology can improve transportation and the numerous concerns facing the state of Colorado roadways.
February 9 – Edgar Johansson – COBRT Aerospace Advocate
Edgar Johansson, COBRT’s Aerospace Advocate, brings us fascinating conversations with those in Colorado’s aerospace industry. We will talk with Waleed Abdalati, Director of Cooperative Institute for Research In Environmental Sciences (CIRES) at University of Colorado Boulder, and Dr. Antonio J. Busalacchi, the newly appointed President of University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR).
February 10 – Kristen Muzzy & Tom Bugnitz – Manufacturing
Kristen Muzzy, Executive VP of Business Development at Leading2Lean, joins us to focus on manufacturing. Her guest is Tom Bugnitz, CEO of Manufacturer’s Edge. They will discuss the opportunities for manufacturing in Colorado and concerns about training the future workforce.

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