Connect & Collaborate Hosts for March 20 - 24

March 20 - Björn Lyrvall Swedish Ambassador - Export and Trade

Ambassador of Sweden to the United States, Björn Lyrvall recently met with trade leaders in Denver. We’ll share an interview with the Ambassador, as well as remarks from his speech.  We also hear from Paul Kullman, President of Business Beyond Borders and Don Peterson, Honorary Consul for Sweden to Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. Learn more about trade opportunities in tech and innovation.

March 21 -  Jeffrey Campos - Global Chamber

Jeffrey Campos of Global Chamber joins to discuss How Businesses Impact our Multicultural Communities with his guests, Stephen Donelson, Ballard Spahr on law; Gerardo Garcia Jurado, Partner & Chief Communications Officer on multicultural marketing and Dan Lutz, Executive Director Global Leadership in Business speaking on the design development of three DPS schools of Denver Center for International Studies (DCIS), and an upcoming fundraiser.

March 22 - Anthony Lambatos - Footers Catering

Anthony Lambatos, owner of Footers Catering joins us to share thoughts on building a great company culture. His guest is Banks Benitez, Head of Global Expansion at The Unreasonable Institute. We’ll talk about the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs focusing on social challenges, and why people are smarter when you trust them.

March 23 - Stéphan Lessard, Canadian Consul General - NAFTA and Colorado Canada Trade

Stéphane Lessard, Canadian Consul General joins us to discuss NAFTA and Colorado-CANADA trade, and lessons learned. We’ll talk about the possibility of the Trump Administration to renegotiate the terms of NAFTA and how possible changes could impact exports with Canada, Colorado’s largest trading partner.

March 24 - Bill Lindsay - Healthcare Reform

Bill Lindsay, Principal of Lindsay Consulting joins us to discuss the intricacies of healthcare reform. Bill has worked in insurance and employee benefits for 40 years, and has spent the past ten years in public policy. He has testified before Congress on what it will take to truly reform the Affordable Care Act. We’ll talk about what is standing between Democrats and Republicans, keeping them from moving forward, as well as the real complications of providing healthcare for everyone.