Colorado’s Congressional Delegation Participates in Conference Calls with Business Leaders

January 27, 2016

Colorado’s Congressional Delegation Participates in Conference Calls with Business Leaders

Denver, CO -- Colorado Business Roundtable (COBRT) held today the first in a monthly conference call series between Colorado’s congressional delegates and COBRT, along with Colorado’s leading business leaders, chambers and trade association partners. The intent of these Congressional Conference Calls is to ensure that each member of the Colorado delegation in the House and Senate gets the opportunity to not only share pressing issues and legislative priorities, but to also hear from a high level, controlled audience across the state’s important industry sectors.

Business leaders on the calls are from aerospace, manufacturing, bioscience, information technology, financial institutions, health services, tourism and outdoors, education, construction, farming and agriculture, as well as Chambers of Commerce. The calls are limited to COBRT Board members, senior staff and critical industry associates. The calls are off-record and designed to be open and candid. In addition to being off-record, the calls are not open to the general public.

There is one legislator on each call, and this first one was with U.S. Senator Michael Bennet. Next month it will be with U.S. Senator Cory Gardner. COBRT President Jeff Wasden said, “Each of our partners and Colorado’s business organizations will benefit greatly from getting direct, monthly updates from our talented congressional delegation. As excited as we are, our delegation is equally excited about the opportunity to share some of their priorities, legislation that may impact our business climate and then answer questions from Colorado’s top business leaders.”

All members of Colorado’s delegation have signed to participate in the monthly calls and are scheduled at least once throughout 2016. COBRT will observe the 90-day rule so as to not have a member of the delegation on the call less than 90 days before facing a contested primary or general election. This is not a forum for seeking support (financial or otherwise) for political races.

AT&T Colorado makes this opportunity possible by hosting the calls. AT&T’s CEO is the immediate past chair of the BRT and in Colorado, a member of the COBRT Leadership team.


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Tara Alexander, PR Coordinator
Colorado Business Roundtable