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Integrated Management Systems Producing Measurable Results

Professional Dynamic Programs Imagine that you have been put in charge of overseeing four people at a table while they piece together a puzzle. The people bounce around randomly and interfere with each other’s areas trying to fit the pieces together. Arms and hands cross as parts of the puzzle get knocked off the table onto the floor. You tell them to slow down and work together as a team; however, they all have their own agenda of how they will go about working on the puzzle. It takes twice as long as it should to piece together than it would if they all took a section and concentrated just solely on that section.

The Solution

The success of PDP has been attributed to the accurate surveys of more than 4,000,000 people in thousands of organizations.

Employees are hard to find and are valuable when you find the right ones to fit well in their positions. For the owners of an organization, the task of training, retraining and motivating their employees can be an ongoing battle. Like the four people and the puzzle, an organization must work as one and fit together like a puzzle to solve everyday tasks as one.

Professional Dynamic Programs (PDP) was founded in 1978 by Bruce M. Hubby, current Chairman, to solve these challenging issues, increasing performance and profitability by selecting, leading, managing, keeping and growing the right people within an organization. Today his son Bruce is the president and CEO. Over the past 30 years, PDP has developed and applied researched-based management tools that have the capability to analyze human behavior within the work environment. Using data gathered about current or potential employees, PDP helps companies manage them in a more effective manner.

PDP offers five integrated network applications that help organizations including: defining specific human characteristics for a new position with selection assistance to find someone with select experience and working style attributes with 90% accuracy; applying employee profiles and PDP licensed technology to more effectively manage staff - individually and in teams - by understanding their natural abilities, needs and motivation; building effective, balanced teams, while anticipating potential problem areas; and learning the most effective ways to understand and manage employees.

Scanning For the Future

To better understand employees and how each one works and thinks, PDP’s Integrated Management System contains four applications that assess an employee’s strengths, limitations, natural work styles, and stress factors. The results of these applications allow managers to direct the staff of the company more effectively.

ProScan® uses a non-threatening, quick and accurate word-response survey instrument to measure individual strengths in employees, applicants, or both.

TeamScan® compiles organizational statistics from individual profiles to show the human skills and personal styles that predominate in a group. This tool suggests how to apply this information to drive the group toward its goals.

JobScan® measures the job rather than the person to indicate what personal characteristics would be most desirable in the position. Using JobScan® in tandem with administering ProScan® Surveys to applicants substantially increases the likelihood of job success.

Strat-Map® Programs are custom applications of PDP, targeted to accomplish specific goals in individuals, teams, and managers, in a non-threatening and cooperative way.

Real-Time and Measurable Results

PDP produces measurable, bottom-line results with people at every level within an organization. There isn’t an industry, culture, or challenge that PDP won’t help. With over 30 years of success, the company has proven its ability to produce desired results both quantitatively and qualitatively. In fact, research indicates that PDP can predict people’s patterns of strength and stress with 96% accuracy. Professional Dynamic Programs

Quantitative results:

Increased productivity

Greater retention

Reduced turnover

Increased sales

Decreased costs

Qualitative results:

Clear, effective interpersonal communication

High-performance teams

Healthy company morale

Loyal customers

A vibrant workplace where the business of your business gets accomplished

The company works in various industries including: banks, government, hospitals, hotels, insurance companies, law firms, manufacturers, newspapers, military, real estate, restaurants, retailers and transportation. Clients come in all and from anywhere in the world. Select clients include, GE Capital, Harris Teeter, Henry Schein Inc., Hong Kong University Business School, Focus on the Family, The Lion Group, Hughes Christensen, UPS, Watsons Personal Care Stores, and Tata Power Company.

Today more than 2,500 global companies large and small, entrepreneurial and mature, use the services of the PDP integrated management system.

So, with insightful understanding of personnel, both domestically and globally, PDP is completing the human resource puzzle for organizations and helping people find their “fit” in the workplace.

Contact PDP, Inc. at 13710 Struthers Road Suite 215, Colorado Springs, CO 80921 or at 719-785-7300 or at

The Proof is in the Pudding

PDP’s work, both nationally and globally, earned them the 2009 Colorado Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting.

PDP’s work, both nationally and globally, earned them the 2009 Colorado Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting.

Here is what some of their clients have to say:

“To me, the greatest use is in providing a vehicle for understanding people. With this understanding has come a better functioning department.”- Director, Knoxville News Sentinel Co., Knoxville, Tennessee

“PDP will help managers fully understand their employees. Are they happy, are they satisfied, are they feeling stress? This helps reduce turnover and enables managers to uncover previously hidden emotions which may be affecting performance.” - Vice President Sales, Broadwing Communications, Cincinnati, Ohio

“PDP helps us better match the person to the task by identifying and utilizing their inherent talents. We have found that our associates who are naturally inclined to their jobs usually enjoy their work more, are more productive, and have greater longevity. It’s a great management tool!” - Chairman of the Board, Vista Host, Inc., Houston, Texas

Regarding downturn in the economy: “It wasn’t even a thought to cut [PDP], because to keep our people is the least expensive thing we can do.” - President, Pikes Peak National Bank, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I learned that besides hiring right, another real benefit to PDP in my region has been a dramatic decrease in stress and profound increase in mutual respect.” - Regional Manager, Penhall, U.S. Southern Region