TekDry’s Shark Tank Appearance Results In More Than Just a Deal


Brand Awareness and Consumer Education Essential

DENVER (October 12, 2016) – Entrepreneurs Adam Cookson and Craig Beinecke, co-founders of TekDry, a Denver-based venture that provides a solution for wet phones, successfully pitched their technology on ABC’s Shark Tank last week, walking away with a $500K deal with Mr. Wonderful.

Their appearance on the hit reality show also resulted in educating consumers that options exist for wet devices and in increasing the brand’s visibility, another important goal for new companies.  

Shark Tank results by the numbers.*

·       Shark Tank national audience, 7 million

·       Number of national media stories leading up to show airing 359

·       Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE)** $1.58 million

·       Potential audience reach from media coverage 288.6 million.

·       Increase in website traffic by 3,367 percent

·       Increase in social media mentions during show airing 1,778 percent

TekDry’s services are available through a nationwide mail-in service and in select Staples stores, with plans to expand into more markets across the country.

TekDry’s patented technology uses a combination of negative-pressure, controlled heat, and proprietary beads to create a safe environment to remove 100 percent of the moisture from wet devices.


·       The TekDry machine uses a safe, low temperature so there will be no overheating, and the device stays within factory recommended temperatures.

·       Make sure your phone is NOT plugged in after it has become water logged and get it to a TekDry service location as soon as possible.

·       The water removal process causes no cosmetic damage to the device.

·       The phone or device does NOT need to be taken apart to be saved.

·       In as little as 30 minutes, TekDry removes 100 percent of liquid from a wet phone or device.

·       If the device isn’t saved, customers PAY NOTHING.

·       TekDry is the fastest and safest wet phone recovery technology available.

* The numbers are provided by independent sources TVEyes, Meltwater, and Nuvi news and social monitoring services.

**Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) is a tool used to help assign a dollar value to media coverage. The metric is achieved by determining the equivalent cost to purchase advertising and using a 2.37 multiplier to assign “in program editorial content” more value than advertising content.

TekDry, founded in 2013 in Denver, CO, is the fastest and safest wet phone recovery technology available. Its patented solution restores water-damaged phones and devices in just 30 minutes with all contacts and data restored. TekDry’s patented technology uses a combination of low-pressure, controlled heat and proprietary beads to create a safe environment to remove 100% of the moisture from wet devices. In as little as 30 minutes – and without a single grain of rice – the TekDry process will dry out any phone or device and return it with all data, contact, photos, apps, restored safely, conveniently, and affordably. http://www.tekdry.com


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