The Denver Museum of Nature & Science’s mission is to ignite community passion for nature and science, envisioning an empowered community that loves, understands and protects the natural world. The museum’s curators, collections managers, archivists, conservators, librarians, researchers, and lab assistants—along with 600 volunteers—are not only responsible for conducting research, but also create opportunities for citizens to become actively involved in science. The education staff creates compelling programs and experiences for millions of guests and school children that inspire a passion for exploring and understanding our natural and cultural world, and active science takes place at the museum every day. Through the commitment of its staff, volunteers, members, donors, guests and the citizens of Colorado, the museum has fulfilled the founding dream of creating “one of the great entertaining and educational institutions of the country.” Through individual giving, donations, volunteer hours, ReFUND Colorado, corporate giving and scholarships, the museum helps children of all ages discover their passion for science.

“Together with you, we share new discoveries with the world, preserve scientific treasures that pique curiosities, and open eyes and minds to the wonders of nature and science.”
-The Denver Museum of Nature & Science